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National Security

National Security: Responsibility for ensuring the security of society rests with the police and other civil authorities in situations where the security of the state itself is not threatened. If the resources of the civil authorities are not sufficient, the Scottish Defence Force can, if requested, contribute to the security of society within the constraints of the resources and skills available. 

Security Threats: The current highest-security threats facing Scotland include but are not restricted to Terrorism, Cybercrime, Illegal Fishing, Drug Running, Illegal Immigration, Human Trafficking, Piracy and International Crime. For an Independent Sovereign Scotland the probability of involvement in a major war within the next decade is low. 

Policy Objective: The principal objective of Scotland’s security and defence policies will be to safeguard Scotland’s people, Scottish sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action. 

Proposed SDF Forces: 13,400 (including 5500 reserves)

Navy 2,000 (including 600 part time reserves). Marines & Spec. Forces 800 (including 300 part time reserves). Army 9,000 (including 4000 territorial reserves). Air Support 1,600 (including 600 auxiliary reserves).

Contractor and Civilian Support -- Approximately 16,000 (estimate). 

For further details see attached"