About US

The Centre for Scottish Constitutional Studies was formed by a group of concerned people who seek to work towards creating the structure for a modern democratic Scottish State based on equality, accountability and respect for all.

A State where the people have a real say in the decisions that effect their communities. That has dictated its first priority - the drafting of a Constitution and the organisation of a genuine nationwide consultation on its content.

A Constitution is prescriptive in that it limits the power of Parliament to act without the consent of the electorate; it lists the broad principles of democratic government whilst allowing sufficient flexibility to accommodate shades of political opinion. It is written on paper and not set in stone so that once it is agreed and adopted it can be changed but only by the agreement of a majority of the people by means of a plebiscite.

The drafting process sparked debate on every issue but the sovereignty of the people over their parliament was paramount. That meant the ultimate authority of constituents to recall their representatives.

Next came the need to protect the State and the Constitution itself from foreign influence and domestic self-interest. That implied specific provisions imposing full democratic accountability on the government for the the National Currency and strict limitations unpon incurring National Debt. These financial factors heve repeatedly constrained previous parliaments from acting in the public interest and thus represent a potential threat to the ultimate sovereignty of the people.

Having produced this draft consultation document the Centre is concerned that it should enjoy the widest possible circulation and public participation. That necessitates the Centre moving beyond the walls of the traditional "think-tank" and becoming an active catalyst and campaigner for the changes contained in the draft - changes that will be regarded by many in the financial and political establishment as radical and inimical to their interests and mind-set. If it were not so then the efforts of the Centre would have been in vain.

Therefore, in parallel with organising the online consultation the Centre will also sponsor the Campaign for a Scottish Currency that will provide qualified speakers to larger groups and tutors for smaller groups of individuals interested in the economics and macro-financial aspects of Scottish Self-governance (Independence) - matters that were conspicuously absent from the manifesto for the 2014 referendum.  

We welcome any who share our objectives either as a supporter or with a view to more active participation.