Guide to Provisional Constitution for Scotland

When Scotland achieves Independence from England it becomes in reality a NEW STATE and will require a NEW set of rules regarding the management of government institutions and authorities - in other words a written Scottish Constitution setting out how the NEW state of Scotland will operate. The CSCS have crafted a "Guide to a Provisional Constitution" that is intended to be the basis for a public debate to enable the People to review and authorise a draft Constitution prior to Independence Day. 

It is the intention to publish the "Guide" online as a CONSULTATIVE document for all interested persons to have their say ad share their opinions. It is expected that it will be scrutinised word by word, examined and rebuilt by everyone with an interest in the shaping of an independent self-governing Scotland. It is a framework that is meant to be controversial and thought provoking.

As an introduction to the proposed Constitution - view the 10 minute video which can be seen by following the link:!Ag-A5R2khF-CjQQxDxfESL9sYRLQ

Should you consider this would be of interest to you please contact @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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